Bronze Sculptor and Book-Maker

Also a slight possibility of some handmade paper, hand-dyed yarn, handmade rugs (out of felted and hand-dyed wool... Amazing stuff!), hand-marbled paper, alternative photographic print-making (Cyanotype, Van-dyke and recent explorations into salted paper prints), some sewing, some toy-making, occasional gardening, frequent baking, (oh my word are you still reading? This feels like it is getting overly long...) and travel whenever possible. To see my work in real life you will need to end the pandemic so that the art fairs can continue! If that is not a reasonable option, you can contact me and we can set up an elaborate (thrilling, exhilarating, fun, and inspiring) studio tour. If you are dying of boredom in lockdown, just email me and we can set up a lovely teleart class!