First I sought ideal expression - Splendid lines born of adventure and possibility.


I looked for unending movement, coiled, twisting, rising, leaping and sinking.


Then I found subtle grace in defiance of fear - aching and longing, ultimately broken. 


I learned the strength to live among shattered dreams.


My work is of time - sweeping and sublime, flawless lines, captured, stolen, and held.  A moment of epiphany that will never be again.


My work is the evidence of time - something once elegant, broken and torn. Now strikingly exquisite, forged from courage and pain.


I work in bronze because it endures while its surface carries the memory of age.

I work in books because they keep ideas and hold our hopes.

I work in reclaimed stone and wood because use and abandonment are stories that we have all felt. 

In other words...

I work 100 hours a week to support my art-making habit. I probably won't get to quit anytime soon either. But someday I will be a full-time artist and I will get to spend all my time making everything that I want. And when that day comes, I am going to quadruple my prices.

I make dancers because I was born to dance but instead I got scoliosis and then metal rods in my back and now my back will never get to bend again.

I make animals because I always wanted a pet as a child but I grew up and an animal-adverse home. So starting at age 4, I sculpted the pets that I thought would be excellent friends.

I make books because I love stories, and I love dreams, and I love the idea that books can convey my thoughts and my imaginations into someone else's mind long after I am gone.

Artist Statement- Wherein I speak of my artistic oeuvre in mostly mystical terms.