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Fruit Trees Part 2

Updated: Feb 19

The fruit trees arrived!! Now I just have to decide where to put them...

And of course all this research into trees has made me very inspired to paint some trees! I walked around the property yesterday and inspected all of our trees and berry bushes. I think all of the bushes survived their various mistreatments and it looks like most of the trees are in good shape! I ran to the Greenhouse Nursery yesterday because they had just gotten new berries in. They had a pretty decent array of options so I picked up two grapevines (for the brushpile project), 3 Evergreen huckleberry bushes. We will plant that in our upper hedgerow. And then 4 types of raspberry and a marionberry. I have so much digging in my very near future!! Fortunately all I have to do is start digging a hole and Sonka jumps in to finish the job!

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