Swings. These are various animals on swings, in hardwood frames. You can push the swings and they will swing, I have one teeter-totter here, but don't worry, more are on the way! Dimensions on these guys run about 5 inches deep, 12 to 18  inches wide and 13 to 18 inches tall.

Bear Swing
Lazy Days
Speed Swing
Little one
Somewhat Off
Level Expert
Never Too Big
Adventure Proposals
Dance Invitation
Little Stories
Up And Away


So after literally YEARS of plotting and scheming and SOOOO much work... I have my Forever Home!!!

I have fantastical plans for this place, one of which is to open an Artist Retreat that people can come to learn new skills and perfect their craft. So without further introduction, here are some pics of the property! We will find a name for it someday soon... Hopefully!

We are about 1200 feet above the Strait of Juan de Fuca, so we get wonderful fog, and in winter, a LOT of snow! To the south of us are the Olympic Mountains so our sun is a little bit weak. Summers here are warm but not too hot which is just perfect for me. But we will need a greenhouse because I think most of what we want to grow will not ripen otherwise.

Lazy Days

Particularly lazy elephant. On swing. In reclaimed oak frame. $200